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As an essential manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, we are open for business, although with a limited staff at the moment. Most products are in stock and we are taking orders by phone temporary limited office hours, 7 a. PST, M-Ffax, email, or web-orders. We continue to ship products as needed.

eeg cap repair

It is possible that the shipment of some of our surface electrodes or other products may be delayed weeks or more, depending on inventory. The Electrode Store is pleased to be a distributor of premium Electro-Cap products including EEG caps, body harnesses, adapter cables, Electro-Gel, blunt needles, and many other replacement items or spare parts.

The Electro-Caps use the standard International positioning system. Caps require a harness and a cable. The required electode board adapter cable is plugged to the ribbon connector on the Electro-Cap on one end of the ribbon, to multiple individual 1.

Full Product Details. Single harness. A temporary electrode which will override the Electro-Cap wiring in the event of a faulty electrode during a test.

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It may be placed into the plastic mount of the faulty electrode and connected directly to the EEG machine until the cap can be properly repaired. Product Description E4-S One A pair of pure tin 9mm ear clip cup electrodes with a 48" 1. A spring-clip back is used to hold the electrode comfortably in place. Compatible with Electro-Cap. Disposable foam sponge disks with adhesive backing for use with the Electro-Cap on the forehead or bald heads, to prevent gel from spreading between electrodes and to help hold the cap in place.

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Product Description E7 One kit of blunt needles and syringe. Disposable sterile 16 gauge x 0. Single patient use only. Product Size E9 16 oz jar E10 32 oz jar E11 oz jar. Head-measuring tape specially color-coded green, yellow, red or blue to correspond to the appropriate Electro-Cap sizes.

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Product Description E12 One head-measuring tape. Replacement cap strap series for Electro-Cap, with buckles and snaps to secure the cap to the optional body harness. Single pure tin spare electrode disk for repair of Electro-Cap. Additionally, the white plastic electrode mounts may be special ordered upon request.

Orange cleaning sticks for removing any gel build-up in Electro-Cap disks. Soft stick material designed so as to not scratch or damage the metal electrodes. May also be used during routine washing to remove gel.

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Pure tin electrodes wired to a ribbon connector. Typically also requires a board adapter cable Model E2-S and body harness E3 Series which snaps to the cap's strap Skip to Content Special offer! Request a free catalog or product samples here! My shopping cart Your cart is currently empty.High-performance medical products for invasive and non-invasive use with the brain in research and clinical environments.

A key factor is the real-time data analysis which enables many new applications and experiments in neuroscience. Use the complete hardware and software environment to study the human brain in real-time or offline, invasive or non-invasive, with or without electrical or magnetic stimulation of the brain or body. All major principles: slow waves, steady-state visual evoked potentials SSVEPmotor imagery MI and evoked potentials EP are already implemented and can easily be used or modified.

The environment enables you to quickly setup closed-loop experiments including non-invasive or invasive stimulation of brain and body. Invasive and non-invasive stimulation and brain mapping techniques are used to determine brain functions in neuroscience, rehabilitation research and neurosurgery.

Use g. Sergey D. If people measure biosignals, they are usually connected via cables to a computer or at least a notebook, which is…. Estim PRO is a constant current, biphasic electrical stimulator intended to stimulate neural tissue during functional brain mapping procedures prior to cortical resections in the vicinity of essential cortex.

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The device comes with an application programming interface which allows to build real-time closed loop experiments with g. TEC g. Nautilus for Android If people measure biosignals, they are usually connected via cables to a computer or at least a notebook, which is….How to Order. Email us to make sure we can service your bat.

Add any "Special Instructions". Click the "add to cart" button and finish checking out. Box your bat up and ship it to us Once your order is complete you will be sent shipping instructions automatically. Send us your bat and the End Cap that has come off or is ready to come off. Even if it has been worked on by another bat shaving company Big Dawg will still provide expert service.

eeg cap repair

We will epoxy your baseball or softball cap in place just like new, with a strong and secure bond. If you don't have the original end cap then I can install a brand new cap if we have your model available, please email for confirmation. We will keep the same factory weight on your bat when we securely replace your end cap. This service will void your bat warranty offered by the bat manufacturers, according to their warranty rules. How to Order 1. Add any "Special Instructions" 4.

We can also fix certain caps that are broken Tier 2 end cap repair. We remove your cap then sand and clean all extra material from the barrel and cap.

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A strong flexible epoxy is then applied to secure the cap back into its original place. This service takes about days 1 day to dry for a solid bond. If we do not have your style cap we can still replace it with one that fits. We remove your cap then sand and clean all extra material from the barrel. This will help the epoxy to bond extremely well to the cap and wall of the inner barrel. A flexible and strong epoxy is then used to secure the new cap back into its original place.

This service takes about days 1 day drying for a solid bond. What Bat s are you sending?Prices shown are what we normally charge, however, no two caps are in the same condition and the price may differ. A primary consideration is to remove the existing visor and fabric without damage.

No two caps are the same in that regard. Content copyright All rights reserved. Our address is on the form. Box up your caps. Ship your cap s to the address on the order form.

Choice of carrier, shipping cost, insurance, etc. Upon receipt we will evaluate your cap s and email an estimated invoice within approx. No checks accepted. Upon receipt of estimated payment, repairs will be attempted. If the final repair cost exceeds the estimated amount paid, a final invoice for the balance will be emailed. Upon receipt of final payment, your cap s will be returned to you within approx.

What It Costs Prices shown are what we normally charge, however, no two caps are in the same condition and the price may differ. If original has an autograph, we'll return it to you. It's impossible. You must pay the estimated invoice before repairs will be attempted. Best to email some pics first. Upon receipt of payment of the estimated invoice, repair s will be attempted. Upon completion of repair sif there is a balance owing, we will email you a final invoice for the balance. Upon receipt of payment for the balance we will ship the repaired cap s back to you.

We use USPS first class or priority mail. If you want insurance, please indicate the amount on the order form. Please see the order form for Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer.The system setup allows practitioners to quickly and conveniently prepare for a recording. The high-quality sintered electrodes provide low impedances and reliable results. Using the cap saves time whilst minimizing the use of consumables. The cap's comfortable material ensures a stable and pressure-free fit.

Your patients will thank you for it. Children, in particular, will appreciate the concealed, integrated cable connections on the inomed EEG cap: no exposed cables, no cable clutter, and technology you can trust. A range of models from 21 to channels are available and the caps come in six different sizes - from newborns through staggered sizes for adults.

Never grab the wrong cable again! The color coding and labeling facilitate easy identification during storage and preparation for measurement. If there are any problems securing the strap to the chin or neck, a chest strap can be attached in place of the chin strap to ensure the EEG cap fits snugly.

With the WaveGuard EEG cap you can go through more than measuring and cleaning cycles, whilst inomed also provides a one-year warranty on materials. To ensure that your WaveGuard EEG cap can be used for an even longer period of time, inomed also provides a comprehensive range of accessories, spare parts and a repair service. The fabric, cables and electrodes are made from materials of outstanding quality.Product Description :. Compatible Model:. Warranty :. The advantages of our products :.

Delivery details:. Item will be shipped within working days after we get your Payment, We are always serious on the delivery time, all orders will be checked by us carefully to make sure there is no delay on the shipment.

Tracking number will be advised after delivery, all of express lead time is about working days. Payment details:. About Sample. Provide OEM service. Our leading products list :. E-Mail Sitemap. All Products. Reusable Spo2 Sensor Disposable Spo2 Sensor Spo2 Extension Cable ECG Cable EKG Cable ECG Electrode Fetal Transducer CTG Belt Ultrasound Transducer Probe EEG Cable EEG Cap Disposable IBP Transducer IBP Cable Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Ultrasound Needle Guide Hand Held Pulse Oximeter Skin Temperature Probe Please fill out a few details to access this content - signing up will give you access to our entire collection of our premium content and downloads, keeps you updated with relevant news and helps us learn what other resources we should make next.

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Lightly wipe the gauze square over the hair. ECI Electro-Caps must be cleaned frequently for sanitary reasons. Do not wash different colored caps together. Submerge only the cap. Let the cap sit in the water for a few minutes.

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If the connector is lower than. When the cap is dry, replace the straps. A small hair dryer may also be used to quickly dry a cap. Lt Instructor Material. How is Instructors Material uploaded for custom experiments in LabTutor 4?

eeg cap repair

How can I access instructors reference material for my custom LabTutor 4 experiment? In LabTutor 4, what is the difference in access for Administrator and Instructor?

Where is the Instructors Material located in LabTutor 4?

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